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Meet the Heroic City of Valladolid!

 The City of Valladolid is recognized as the most important city in the eastern of Yucatán, for its strategic location to move to the most important tourist sites as an archaeological sites and Cenotes, as well as its proximity to the State of Quintana Roo.

 My visit, a little fast i have to admit, allowed me see the surroundings of the Historic Center where the first i notice is the Cathedral «San Servacio”, even though i couldn’t watch it from the inside because it was closed, i could see  from the outside that has a large dome and a shield carved in stone with a hawk figure, the bird that is part of the shield of the city and it can be seen on various objects that is part of this beautiful Historic Center accompanied by the legend, «Heroic City». On the left side of the front of the Church there is a monument in gratitude to José María Iturralde Traconis, who was Governor of Yucatan, and had an enormous affection for the City of Valladolid.


San Servacio’s Church

 Later i went to the park «Francisco Cantón» to know how it is. The first thing i noticed was the beautiful fountain in its center with the figure of a woman wearing a huipil (informal Maya dress) holding a pitcher that makes the illusion that it´s dropping water from it, surrounded by a small garden with stone path and decorative plants in the front. Around the park are people walking, children laughing and playing with bubbles, national and international tourists coming down from their buses to stroll a few moments and take some photos to remember. From the other side of the park there are some souvenir shop with style “Choza Maya” (Construction Mayan –type house made of cane and adobe walls and palm leaves as roof placed on a wooden base) where you can bought some souvenirs. In this occasion i stay with the desire to buy something to remember.


Francisco Cantón Park

 As a curious note: Valladolid has many signs on the principal attractions of the Historic Center where narrate the most important historical events that occurred in the city, which gives the name “Heroic City”

 My last stop was to see the city hall, where i spent freely and could see that has very interesting murals that tell the history of Mexico, as well as a historical line of the most important events of the time and photos of the Presidents.


City Hall, top floor

 Being in Valladolid is like living the past and the present in one place, that’s why then I present an infographic about this great city of Yucatan:


Antgirl, in collaboration with Sharkgirl