An afternoon in the park Ermita de Santa Isabel

 The park Ermita de Santa Isabel in Mérida, Yucatán, is situated in the street 77 x 66 and 64th in the barrio de San Sebastián. The park is surrounded by colonial houses, a kiosko in its center and a church that was known as Our Lady of Good Voyage by its location on the royal road that connected Merida and Campeche. Now it is known as “La Ermita de Santa Isabel”, in honor to San Juan Bautista’s mother.  


Church, La Ermita of Santa Isabel   

 At first sight, I could see how people have fun in the park, children playing and laughing with his friends and teachers in their catechism activities, the «guys» having fun practicing the batucada. Other people are sitting on the benches or the traditional chairs «You and I» to talk each other while enjoying the fresh afternoon air.  


Kiosko of the Ermita park of Santa Isabel  

 Later, I went to the right side of the church, where I saw a big wooden door which gives access to a garden full of leafy trees belonging to the Yucatan region. At first instance, I came across with a curious figure who seems to have human form, named  Figure Achondroplastic. Around the garden you can see numerous benches and signs that mention the name of the plants and trees that are part of the garden. In the center of the garden there is a source who seens not have use for the moment and its right side there a “pozo”.   


Figure Achondroplastic   

 To end my tour, I headed toward 64th Street, one of the most colorful streets that I have seen in the city of Mérida. On the way I find two “placas” embedded in the walls, which are part of the urban style of the corners of the city. The «gyroplane» which represents a helicopter and  «El Harén» a site well known and frequented by Meridanos during its time.


Placa «El Haren”, located on 64th Street x 75

 «During the last decade of the XIX century, there was a house numbered 509 where Don Manuel Arjona established a pension with tub, shower,  pool, bar and restaurant services. Inside of it there was a theatral acting scenario, also was said that guests were usually single men. So, Mr. Arjona called the «Harem” since its foundation. In the early thirties, the site suffered a severe degradation: became an apartment building habited by poor people and was finally demolished and replaced by modern buildings”.


Antgirl, in collaboration with Sharkgirl